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I am brimming with Joy. Travel improves the mind wonderfully, and does away with all of one’s prejudices.

U can hate something for what u know it is or U can love something for what u know it can become. simply sense. I am so at peace..Things swirl and move within me.. Around me.Shifts..Even as my list of admirers grow, I find you special.Simply because your eyes twinkle for me and our hearts beat as one. And you always…no matter what…take effort to make me feel so.You have and continue to absorb me.And I…you So beautifully! I feel I am brimming withshare…So many happy happenings..New ventures Amazing meet-ups Feels so light We both are and always will be happily irresistible to each other. Tingling minds Contouring bodies Knowing souls. Beyond confines of time. It just is.  Knowing is The Light. Life always welcomes.