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You do not need a weatherman to tell you whether the wind is blowing or not. You can feel it!Change is a part of all our lives. We have heard it often enough that there is nothing permanent in life but change. So be it.I get upset with myself when I lose my cool.When, I get angry.I am a mature person and am supposed to Behave &Behove.At all times!
But it does not happen. I get depressed, upset, and lonely, sometimes I scream, and say, things I do not want to say to the person I love. I am edgy as the proverbial cat. Instead of dancing on the hot tin roof, I am on the edge of a cliff, hanging there just by the tip of my hand nails.
Does this happen to me or is it universal? Am I queer? I do not know.
But I look at all and sundry, going about their lives, supposedly without a care in the world and I wonder why I feel like Atlas just waiting to shrug and unburden myself.
My best friend tells me that,” Hey! Why are you so intense? Why don’t you just be and let things glide? ” Why do I hope and dream and wish and pray?Isn’t ecstasy being engulfed in the arms of the person one loves and isn’t this feeling extremely potent?I have had my close ones chidingly tell me that I am hopelessly outdated. Why don’t I ‘chill’?This kind of love does not exist”.I deem it wise to agree with all.But inside I smile.Quietly Because I know.It exists. It is there.Maybe no one can see it and no one may feel it.But I do.And I know someone, somewhere does it too.Change and readjustments are a part of life.And I hoped things would change and so would circumstances as also the people.I waited for time to pass and the hills to bow.I also prayed.Till one day I realized that change does not happen to others.You are your change.I am mine.I have to be the mover and shaker in my life.I can fret and fume and my ears may emit smoke.But I have to change.And it need not be in a disheartened way! It is not resign ion to ones fate.It is acceptance with a good dose of reality.Take decisions which are beneficial to your sense of well being and helps you keep your equilibrium.Turn yourself around with a change in attitude and begin to need different things than what you did,and all of a sudden you have a new YOU.The basic requirement for change and evolvement is humility.Not subservience or excessive false genuflection, or undue obeisance, or to just go prostrate.No, I mean that know who you are, what your limitations are, what your strengths are and where you want to actually go.I for all the effort and money in the world cannot become Michelle Obama.Because I am simply not.I am MEAnother extremely important ingredient in this whole adventure is NATURE.
That Power Above, which is omnipresent’. One thing we all should avoid is attempt to ‘challenge nature’, knowingly or unintentionally, and here obeisance is necessary. But done truly and with a clean heart and no ulterior motive, nature too simply listens to you.All you have to do is “ASK” CLEARLY How else will the energy surrounding us be able to hear and consequently flow within? We have to ask with faith and gusto, and it shall be delivered.Do not compromise on your wishes and dreams.Atleast make a request. You have to know very clearly what you can do and what you cannot. Then set your sights and soar. There is nothing stopping you.Go ahead and live the life of your dreams.It is absolutely possible.