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Beware of Charisma…. And Convenient Consciences……….Why do some people seem to get away with anything?
Is it charisma or a convenient conscience? Well, whatever is the answer, it simply is. And us lesser ordinary souls better learn to accept it. It is simply simpler to do so.
I once knew a man, whom I thought I knew. Well, the paradox of our whole bond was initially based on compartmental love, and a happy laughter. One day it disappeared. How, why, I have no idea, but the reality bespoke the truth.
This could be happening to anyone at any time. Someone you trust, and believe in, is not the person at all. Was it an illusion? Or was the initial perception wrong in the first place. Where does one go wrong? What prompts one to behave in a manner that we do? Is it ordained as such? Is it pre-destined?
Should love be believed in? Should our beliefs fuel our passion? Is passion wrong? Is love actually non-existent? Isn’t love a useless, debilitating emotion?
Does trusting someone overwhelm them in behaving against their own character? Or do you simply trust a person not worthy of it at all?
Or is the need to trust someone so great, that perception becomes distorted? The game of reality and perception is pretty much unanswered. And truth is an entirely different matter altogether.
What should one do? What thought processes to adopt? Is there a specific place one can go to hide one’s pain? It would be so wonderful if I could close my eyes for the indefinable ‘x’ amount of time, and when I wake from my slumber, the pain was, as if, it were never there!
Is there a necessity of being strong and having to face it? Avoidance is so much easier!!Or is it? And within this entire while, where do growth, healing and happiness fit in? What are the myths and what is life? Was I the fool? Am I the fool?Why should such questions keep bothering me? Does it bother anyone else?Where does one go to find answers?Within one’s own self ONLY?Again –Difficult! Why does God not make life a little bit simpler for those who ardently believe in the omnipresence of his higher power? I who live by Faith alone!!
Why should a believer not have an easier life?
And the amazing fact?
I am yet stuck on to believing… in Love, Life, Trust, Laughter, Happiness, and the Power of MIRACLES.
I would rather trust and be the fool, rather than the smart doubting one. Or am I in my own way making an escape route for my own silliness? Call myself a fool, before someone else makes me? Does that absolve me? Am I pulling the wool over my own eyes?
Hey YOU!! I am talking to you, THE someone up there!!
Can you hear me? It is my prayer that thou please hear me and DO the needful. I am through thinking things out by myself….. After all is not success walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm?
I also know that for people whom YOU Grace, courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,’ I will try again tomorrow’.
I am not defined by this moment in time and yet I am what has happened to me.
And life is the way how one chooses to respond to that which matters to you and what you decide to do.
Courage is not an absence of fear. It is not dare-devilry. But a powerful choice we make. It is the choice to move forward with purpose and joy; regardless of what it takes.
It is the courage that is found in ordinary women who are Twinkling Stars within the realms of their own life.
Exhibiting faith and strength in life’s challenges everyday!
Women with valor and exceptional courage.
With enduring power to cope.
Taking each problem one day at a time and never giving up hope!
They give themselves permission they need to feel disappointed or sad, and then empower themselves with faith to focus on the good things, not bad !!!!

Their story is one of gentle strength, reminding us all once more, steel is sometimes covered in velvet and courage does not always roar.
Remember-Apprehension can hold you prisoner. It is only hope and belief that sets you free.

Life is yours and Bliss is within