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Has anyone seen a beating heart?

A live beating heart?

I have.

And I am not a cardio thoracic surgeon. Nor am I a heart transplant specialist.

But yet I have seen one.

A live beating heart in a box!

Outside a body.

It was amazing.

The Science of it and also the Miracle of it.

A heart when it needs to be transplanted is naturally out of one body, and into another. But in this case, the donor heart was ready and out, but the recipient died with a massive cardiac arrest, and the heart was put in a transparent incubator box, connected to a machine and beating away merrily, while the doctors searched for another worthy inheritor. The progress science has achieved!!!

But something else struck me.

Would this have been possible ‘xx’ number of years ago? Probably not. But the thought, that it can happen, did generate ‘x’ number of years ago. By someone who was supposedly ordinary, but had the acumen to think out of the box and laid down the foundation for his or hers claim to fame. He or she stepped from obscurity into the realm of the extraordinary.

By just a thought:


This is energizing and propelling. All of us get stuck in our thinking. In fact we often proclaim,’ I don’t think like that’. Immediately putting your capabilities and thinking prowess on hold.

Let yourself go. Let yourself dream.

One’s thinking capacities are simply based on the width of their past and understanding of their current. But if you are smart and alert you should realize that whatever claims you have to knowledge are limited and bordered. Let yourself free and be creative in your mind. Let it roam. You will realise that there are more than a myriad things you do not know. Even about what you think you know and you confidently consider it the foundation of your knowledge base, and the plinth of your mind.

How wrong you are likely to be and how shamefully limited. Limited editions sound good only on advertisements and it is only there that their value gets labeled as exorbitant, for something that is so limited!.

But in life, once you limit your thinking, you are putting yourself into your funeral casket. With holes. So you shall exist, and not die, but evolvement is dubious.

Let yourself free.

Think out of the box

Think extraordinary.

There is always a discovery waiting to be discovered.

There is a lot that you simply do not know.

Nature is unfathomable, and so is our brain, our gift, the last undiscovered continent of the world.

Don’t think. JUST BE. Let your think-tank get hooked with wanderlust. Travel of your mind is the best education you can present yourself.

And wait. There is hope and always something new when you turn the corner.

Never give up hope. It is foolish to do so. Hang in there and keep on meandering!!!!

Miracles are a reality…


Just read…

A lady from Stockholm had lost her wedding ring some years ago while working in the kitchen.

Today, she found it, In her garden. While she was digging the carrots she had planted weeks ago.

She found it slid over one of the carrots.

As a gift…………………………. How Amazing is this !!!