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Finest Patient

Care & Amenities

We keep telling children that Reading is good for them, but have we really wondered about why it is needed? Does reading matter? As adults, are we reading enough? There are various ways in which people read and how much they grasp from what they read. Reading is a beautiful habit if cultivated and it can never make us feel lonely. Now we know what to do when we are idle…!

Do take some time off to read these amazingly positive articles that not only will refresh your mind, but will give you an insight into yourself and help you to generate positive thoughts. HAPPY READING….!

Click on the link to read the article.

Life Welcomes

I am brimming with Joy. Travel improves the mind wonderfully, and does away with all of one’s prejudices.

Anxiety Key

This is for all those who suffer from anxiety. The following are not all my words, (fragments I have read somewhere, intercepted with my own beliefs and views)


I have always prided myself on being a very smart person. One, who only by ‘listening’ to someone, could judge the physical appearance of the recipient of that voice and

Blahh Blue Blah

It is said: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” Aging is inevitable, growing old is optional.

C And CC

Beware of Charisma…. And Convenient Consciences………. Why do some people seem to get away with anything? Is it charisma or a convenient conscience?


You do not need a weatherman to tell you whether the wind is blowing or not. You can feel it! Change is a part of all our lives. We have heard it often enough that there is nothing permanent in life but change. So be it.

Classical Thinking

A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience. There is a beast lurking within all of us. But which beast it is, depends on us.

Being Hopeful Is Smart

Has anyone seen a beating heart? A live beating heart? I have. And I am not a cardio thoracic surgeon. Nor am I a heart transplant specialist. But yet I have seen one. A live beating heart in a box! Outside a body.


We always had a tradition at home of rearing our own cows for milk. Ever since I got married that is nearly 18 years to date!


Love is one of the most over-rated words of the English dictionary and one of the most abused and misused. What a ridiculous notion to say that love is an emotion..!!.