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This is for all those who suffer from anxiety.
The following are not all my words, (fragments I have read somewhere, intercepted with my own beliefs and views).The only Key is to have Faith that things always get better.You are over the worst, and have faced it, so why lose your equilibrium now?
Well these are mere words and who knows it better than I?The following lines will appease if you let them.They have a soothing appeal for me.“There isI knowBut one way
Of fortifying my soul against these gloomy presages and terrors of my mind and that is by securing to me the friendship and protection of the Being Above who disposes of events and governs Futurity.
He sees at one view, the whole thread of my existence, not only that part of it, which I have already passed through, but that which runs forward into all the depths of Eternity. When I lay me down to sleep, I recommend myself to His care.
When I awake, I give myself to His direction. Amidst all the evils that threaten me, I will look up to Him for help, and question not, but have faith that He will either avert them, or turn them to my advantage”
Though I know neither the time nor the manner of the death I am to die,I am not at all solicitous about itBecause, I am sure that He knows them both,and that
He will not fail to comfort and support me under them,as well as those who I leave behind.Until I breathe, I shall try to be thankful, and do all the good I can, to all the people I can, with as clear a heart I can, and with only the intention to ease who and what I can.
I shall sleep asking only one thing of myself, whether by intent or without, have I hurt anyone today.If yes, I ask for penance.If not, I thank that I feel for many apart from myself.‘I have only one lifetime to Do and Say and Feel and Be and Think,All I want to, and Have to.So Help Me God’.
Life is yours and Bliss is within.